We recognise the importance of service delivery within Local Government, which is why we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge.  

Our business comprises of a skilled team of Revenues, Benefit & Welfare professions, enabling us to fully understand your service and the evolving requirements of a Local Authority.

Every client has access to our Client Portal, ensuring your journey with us is smooth and transparent. You can also benefit from our free technical support and legislative advice service and discounts from our trusted partners.

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Our services range from temporary and permanent recruitment, a flexible on demand processing service, service transformation, in-house training & subsidy support.

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Subsidy Assurance

Over recent years, the spotlight has been on subsidy assurance and the importance of protecting the subsidy claim.  We work with a team of dedicated subsidy specialists which come in high demand during subsidy season.

Whether you need us to conduct a subsidy health check, prepare and submit your subsidy claim or complete cake assurance testing, please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Service Transformation

We have worked with many Local Authorities, reviewing and guiding them though a service transformation incorporating lean and agile working principles.

This includes CTRS income banded discount scheme design from concept to implementation.


We work with some of the biggest names in the industry, specialising in on-site training with groups up to 25 members.

Our training ranges from Revenues & Benefits introductory courses to more specialised subjects to include subsidy, appeals and collection improvement to name a few.

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