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At Business Smart Solutions (BSS), we're incredibly proud of the diverse and powerful relationships we've cultivated over the years. Our partners are crucial to our mission - helping to drive positive change within the public sector and beyond. Together, we are delivering exceptional services and solutions to our clients and candidates alike.

We believe in the power of collaboration - the idea that we can achieve more together than we could alone. Our partnerships enable us to extend our impact and contribute to the betterment of the communities we serve.

Discover our partners

LA Directories Logo
LA Directories

Kim Larkin and her team at LA Directories produce The Benefits Directory, an invaluable knowledge base that is the ‘go-to’ source for information and guidance on Housing Benefit, Universal Credit, Council Tax Reduction and Discretionary Housing Payments, all backed up with a benefits enquiry service. The Benefits Directory is the ideal resource for staff working from home or the office and is used by well over 100 Local Authorities across GB, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and Civica BPO.  

Membership provides:

* unlimited access so anyone within the Council can use it, such as, but not limited to, Housing Benefits, Welfare, Housing, Revenues and Customer Services;

* free attendance at the TBD members forum group meeting at least 3 x per year and occasional free to attend seminars

LA Directories also deliver training courses and consultancy services to both members and non-members

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visionary networks logo
Visionary Network

Malcolm Gardner and his panel at Visionary Network provides a network of high-quality advice and support on all aspects of Revenues & Benefits operations. The panel holds weekly networking and discussion groups which are free to attend for industry professionals

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welfare together logo
Welfare Together

Business Smart Solutions is pleased to be working with Tracey Stone of Welfare Together.  Tracey set up Welfare Together to fill the gap between Local Authorities and their vulnerable customers when it comes to budgeting, support and the collection of LA debt.

It’s always been apparent Local Authorities do not have the resource, time, or expertise to review, and case manage these customers on an individual case by case, which is what is needed.

Welfare Together offers an end-to-end service, by using data analytics to determine financial vulnerability initially and by then engaging with customer and learn about the circumstances, maximise income, and ensure exemptions, discounts and welfare support is correctly in place.

Not only will Welfare Together discuss paying the debt and set realistic arrangements supported by evidence and data, they offer expert guidance, partnered with Debt Free Advice.

Instead of ‘Single view of Debt’ Tracey see’s it as a ‘Single view of your Customer’. The aim is to help the customer with referrals for all debts and not deal with just LA debt, which in turn will help support the customer, re-educate into paying and understanding budgeting, and ultimately change customer behaviour so they are no longer a non-paying customer who once needed extra support

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reigate and banstead logo
Reigate & Banstead

Simon Rosser and his team at RBBC offer an award-winning Revenues & Benefits Fraud and Financial Investigation / Property Inspection Service. Using RBBC inspectors can help with peak workloads or where councils don’t have inspectors where regular exercises can be scheduled

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umbrella.co.uk logo

Umbrella.co.uk is one of the leading fully accredited umbrella/payroll companies run by qualified accountants. The majority of contractors at Business Smart Solutions choose umbrella.co.uk as they are fully accredited by the FCSA, and hold an outstanding rating on Trustpilot.  Being the main PSL for Business Smart Solutions, we have negotiated preferential rates for our contractors and offer employee perks via the umbrella portal

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tell jo logo

TellJO uses technology compassionately to address the root causes of debt and avert crisis situations, such as arrears and homelessness.

They believe the current system is flawed, as the manner in which arrears are pursued frequently results in harm and inequality. Everyone misses a payment for a reason; no one desires the stress and indignity of being pursued for funds. The underlying reasons for reaching a crisis, which they term as vulnerabilities, may range from poor mental or physical health to low financial capability, insufficient financial resilience, or life-altering events.

By assisting organisations in understanding the individual reasons behind non-payment, TellJO aims to foster long-term resilience and wellbeing in their clientele. For them, social responsibility isn't merely a virtue; it's essential.

With TellJO's approach, social responsibility can be leveraged to decrease costs and enhance customer wellbeing.

Their philosophy is simple: Provide help, not harm.

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engage hub logo
Engage Hub

Engage Hub understands the challenges businesses face, from data silos to legacy systems and beyond. Their platform, driven by Artificial Intelligence, assists companies in intuitively and effectively choosing the right solutions tailored to their needs. This ensures they engage with their customers on the appropriate channel and at the right moment in their lifecycle.

Engage Hub takes pride in their commitment to ongoing research and development. This ensures they consistently deliver solutions that align with market demands. At the same time, they empower their clients to optimise customer engagement, enhancing the overall experience.

Their development roadmap emphasises key advancements in Automation, Customer Journey Tracker, and Journey Orchestration, while continuously expanding their communication channels.

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