Permanent Recruitment

Leveraging our profound expertise in the Revenues and Benefits sector, Business Smart Solutions offers an exceptional permanent recruitment service specifically tailored for local authorities.

Finding the Perfect Fit for the Long Run
The quest for the ideal candidate in the Revenues and Benefits sector is both a science and an art. With the guidance of our CEO, Ben Moreton, and our experienced team, we strive to match local authorities with professionals who don’t just fit the job description but align with your organisation’s vision and ethos for the long haul.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Business Smart Solutions, we understand that permanent placements carry weight. That’s why our process is meticulous, ensuring candidates are both skilled and a cultural fit. Here's how we deliver:

1. In-depth Role Analysis

Understanding the intricacies of the position is paramount. We dive deep to grasp the full spectrum of the role, from daily tasks to long-term objectives.

2. Thorough Candidate Evaluation

Our extensive network is a goldmine of top-tier professionals. Each potential candidate undergoes a comprehensive assessment, examining their expertise, experience, and alignment with your organisation's values.

3. Structured Interview Process

We facilitate structured interviews, ensuring that by the time candidates meet with you, they are well-prepared and align with what you’re seeking.

4. Smooth Transition

From job offer to onboarding, we assist every step of the way, ensuring that your new hire is seamlessly integrated into your team.

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Why Opt for BSS for Your Permanent Recruitment Endeavours?

With an in-depth understanding of the Revenues and Benefits landscape, combined with our recruitment prowess, Business Smart Solutions stands as the premier partner for local authorities seeking long-term talent.

Our placements don’t just fill vacancies; they contribute to visions, enhance teams, and drive missions forward.

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