Service Review

Harnessing over 50 years of experience in Revenues and Benefits to provide comprehensive service reviews for local authorities.

An Honest Approach to Operational Excellence
Navigating the complexities and challenges of managing a Revenues and Benefits service requires a profound understanding and hands-on experience. That’s where our CEO, Ben Moreton, with his extensive 25-year experience in the industry, and his team comes into play. Our service review offers a meticulous examination of your Revenues and Benefits service, providing actionable insights and strategies that are essential to enhance performance and efficiency.

What Do We Do?

At Business Smart Solutions, we ensure that our service review process is both comprehensive and tailored to meet the specific needs of your local authority. Here's what our service review entails:

1. Comprehensive Assessment

For Revenues (Council Tax / Business Rates), we can carry out a full analysis of your aged debt profile, review processes, implement best practice and review your enforcement model. For Benefits, we can review and improve processing times of your Housing Benefit / Council Tax Reduction caseload, ensure your DHP budget is maximised, carry out a full subsidy health check to ensure financial penalties are minimised and implement a lean way of working, to save on the cost of resources

2. Detailed Reporting

Once the assessment phase is complete, we present you with a comprehensive report. It contains our observations, findings, and recommendations, serving as a valuable tool for understanding the current operational efficiency of your team and identifying the necessary steps for improvement.

3. Action Plan Development

We work in close partnership with your management team to devise an action plan. This plan addresses the areas of improvement identified in the report and outlines a clear path to enhanced efficiency and performance.

4. Project Management

If needed, we can also provide project management services. This means we stay on board as consultants to oversee the implementation of the action plan, making certain that all proposed enhancements are effectively integrated into your operations.

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Why BSS for Your Revenues and Benefits Service Review?

Choosing BSS means you're opting for a partner with an unrivalled understanding of Revenues and Benefits services. With a proven track record and backed by Ben Moreton's 25 years of industry experience, we bring to you an unmatched depth of knowledge and perspective. Our service reviews go beyond fault-finding; they spot opportunities for enhancement, drive efficiencies, and enable your teams to deliver superior service.

Start your journey towards operational excellence with BSS today. Discover the benefits of our service review.

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