Policy Management

Leveraging our expertise to provide robust and current policy and procedure frameworks for local authorities.

The Necessity of Robust Policies
In the ever-evolving landscape of local government, having up-to-date, comprehensive policies and procedures is not just a luxury—it's an imperative. Whether it's the crafting of a new Council Tax Reduction scheme or an update to your existing Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme, Business Smart Solutions ensures that your authority remains at the forefront of legislative excellence.

What Do We Offer?

At Business Smart Solutions, we ensure that our policy management support is both meticulous and tailored to the individual needs of your local authority. Here's how we can assist:

1. Policy Creation

Crafting new policies requires a keen understanding of both the local landscape and the broader legislative framework. Our experts can help draft comprehensive and compliant policy documents that serve your authority's needs.

2. Policy Review & Update

It's essential to periodically review and refresh policies to ensure they align with current legislative standards and best practices. We can review your existing policy documents, identify areas that need updating, and execute those changes for you.

3. Procedural Guidelines

Beyond policy documents, we can assist in creating or refining procedural guidelines to ensure smooth implementation and adherence to those policies on the ground.

4. Training & Implementation

We don’t just stop at creating or updating. Our team can also provide training sessions to ensure that your team understands and can implement new or revised policies effectively.

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Why Choose BSS for Your Policy Management?

At BSS, our understanding of policy intricacies in the local authority landscape is unparalleled. With a focus on creating policies that are not just compliant but also effective, we ensure that you're equipped to offer the best to your constituents.

Our commitment is to ensure clarity, compliance, and effectiveness in every policy document we touch.

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