HB Subsidy Workbooks

Master Housing Benefit Subsidy with BSS's expert-led 3-day Module 3 course. Dive into detailed workbook training on NEC/Northgate, Capita One/Academy, and Civica Open Revenues. Gain actionable insights for timely, accurate subsidy claims to safeguard Local Authority finances.

Ideal for both newcomers and seasoned Benefits sector professionals. Elevate your subsidy knowledge with practical, real-industry examples. Join us for a comprehensive learning experience in subsidy management.

When it comes to Subsidy Module 3 Workbooks, our in-house team of subsidy consultants are second to none.

With a thorough understanding and passion for Housing Benefit Subsidy on the 3 core systems (NEC/Northgate, Capita One/Academy and Civica Open Revenues), they're perfectly poised to impart knowledge that is both valuable, actionable, and essential for any Local Authority looking to maximise subsidy and protect their subsidy claim.

Due to the financial burden, we understand that the world of HB Subsidy can seem daunting. It is therefore essential your workbooks are completed accurately and in a timely manner.  Incorrect or late workbooks can severely cost the Local Authority and most likely result in more vigorous testing.

Our team of subsidy experts at BSS has developed a comprehensive 3-day Module 3 course, incorporating every workbook eventuality.

The course includes:

Overview of the subsidy process
Workbook types
A breakdown of subsidy cells
Input sheet and balancing
Yellow pages
Non-HRA workbooks
40+ and CAKE workbooks
The completion of example workbooks
Subsidy Quiz

Training can be incorporated based on example workbooks, or your own workbook quota.

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A comprehensive learning experience

Our meticulously designed course will cater for every subsidy eventuality. Our training isn’t just theoretical, it’s backed by real-industry examples ensuring actionable takeaways.

Whether you're new to the Benefits sector or seeking advanced insights, our Subsidy Module 3 Workbook course is designed to guide you at every step of your subsidy journey.

With Business Smart Solutions, you're always in expert hands.

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